Squamish Estuary

No.34 Buy Now A Golden Squamish Estuary
The Other Day

We have had so much rain in Sea to Sky Country lately that when the sun began to poke through I had to rush down to the Squamish Estuary.  This place is amazing. It offers a completely different view of the Squamish landscape.  From this spot, all of the famous landmarks are in sight.  Can you see Shannon Falls in the distance? However, the highway is not visible making this feel like a wild and remote area even with Squamish downtown just over to our left.  When the tide is low and the rivers down the mudflats of the estuary almost feel like an apocalyptic wasteland.  When the water is high it shimmers golden (or whatever colour the sky radiates).

Is it possible to tire of a scene like this? I don’t think it is. As a result, Squamish continues to amaze me. Now I just need to get back here on a dark, new moon night to see what I can see.  Looking up, of course, the forest will be dark, eerie and full of the noises of night.

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No.35 Buy Now The Fog Begins to Rise at the Squamish Estuary

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