A Scone Sunset Looms over Moobi

No.15 Buy Now A Scone sunset often dominates the evening sky.. The Other Day

No.15 Buy Now A Scone sunset often dominates the evening sky.
The Other Day

While I wait for the weather to calm and the clouds to clear it seems I’ll have to be content with many a beautiful Scone sunset.  I have been waiting and hoping for a clear night sky.  So far the clouds have been blowing in and out, not offering much opportunity of that clear sky.  Hopefully tonight I will get my chance.  In the meanwhile, watching the clouds ignite upon the setting sun is a great way to practice my patience.

There is something extremely moving and therapeutic about watching the sun set and the clouds ignite.  It is as if the world is telling me to put the stresses of the day to bed.  To move on.  Tomorrow is another day and the sun will be back with a new perspective.  It can be hard to listen to the world’s advice.  However, in that moment, when the sun dips below the horizon, there is a peace that washes over me, if only briefly.  It is a peace, a feeling that is impossible to get inside a building, or even in a city.  A feeling reserved for the mountains, the wilderness, the countryside.

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