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Scone NSW

No.13 Buy Now Scone NSW - My old stomping groung. It's always a pleasure to return. Yesterday

No.13 Buy Now Scone NSW – My old stomping ground. It’s always a pleasure to return.

For the next few weeks I will be found in Scone NSW, Australia.  The place I spent the first 18 years of my life.  As I was perusing my national geographic profile I found a little paragraph I had written underneath a photo I submitted to an assignment.  This isn’t that photo, however the words ring true none the less.

It seems so long ago that I spent my childhood with this scenery that it almost seems a dream. A piece, however important, of my imagination. Memories that fade in and out of my mind. Is what I recall of this place what happened? Have I recreated it? What I do know, is that when I return strong emotions that I can’t explain overwhelm me. Nostalgia runs deep. I love my new home, however the home of my childhood will forever run wild in my imagination.

Many things change over the years, even memories of the past, my connection with this place however, will never change.  I am always excited to come back, catch up with family and old friends, walk around the paddocks and photograph a truly remarkable Australian Landscape.

Until Tomorrow,

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