Nexen Beach Squamish

No.26 Buy Now A calm overcast 'sunset' at Nexen Beach Squamish, BC

No.26 Buy Now A calm overcast ‘sunset’ at Nexen Beach, Squamish, BC
The Other Day

It was hard to pull myself off the couch and head down to Nexen Beach Squamish for this gloomy evening.  However, as soon as I was out the door and on my way there I was pretty stoked.  It always seems to be the way when we are in a weather system like we are right now.  The difficulty is finding the motivation to move.  Once on the move, though, I am rarely disappointed.  I didn’t know what to expect and I was running a bit late for the light so I had to rush to get this image.  In the end, I am fairly happy with it.  The biggest lesson I learnt was “get outside”.

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