A Mostly Mountains Experiment

Mountains, Reflections and firey clouds No8

No.8 Buy Now After a threatening beginning, the lake calmed and the clouds were set alight, the mountains reflective.

Every time I seek out the mountains it is an experiment.  The experiment always produces different results.  It can be the same location, the same company, even the same day of the year but it will always produce a vastly different and rewarding experience.  This is just one beautiful aspect of mountain life

This photo was something of an experiment.  Finally, it ended as a beautiful evening.  At first it appeared that the clouds were going to encompass the mountains and the sky.  The clouds were building, dark, grey and ominous. For a moment it seemed has though the elements were going to unleash upon us and test our resolve and equipment.  I was worried, what would this mean for the night?  Would I miss out on the night sky and the Milky Way?  Fortunately the clouds began to part and presented us with an amazing sunset.  The lake became still and the reflection of the mountains and the sky became sharp.

So I set up the camera and tried to capture the clouds as they trailed across the sky.  It is not a technique I am familiar with, this was the experiment part of this photo.  These mountains, a secret gem, hidden somewhere between Pemberton and Lillooet has quickly become a location high in my list of favourites.  Therefore this will not be the last time I venture into these sensational hills.

What do you think?  As with any of my posts or photos on ‘Mostly Mountains’, your feedback is always more than welcome and highly encouraged!

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