Mornings Make A Moody Blackcomb Mountain

No.30 Moody Blackcomb

No.30 Buy Now Mornings from a moody Blackcomb Mountain

Without a doubt, one of my favourite things about ski patroling is early mornings that make for a moody Blackcomb.  As the sun rises and the golden light begins to hit the slopes it is always a dramatic and breathtaking sight.  It doesn’t seem to matter if the sky is void of clouds or wild storms are rolling in.  In previous posts, I have mentioned (and hopefully demonstrated) the beautiful clear sky mornings witnessed as the sun first touches the earth.  Simply add a few rolling clouds and fast moving skies to the mix and suddenly it is a different world.  Shadows streaking down the slopes, glacial canvas’ dabbed gold and peaks poking through paint-worthy scene.

It is this real-life artwork that makes it easier (if only slightly) to get out of bed before 6am each day.

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(Jta85 Photography)

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