Milky Way Whistler Mountain Style (vs Clouds)

No.10 Buy Now The Milky Way Whistler Mountain The Other Day

No.10 Buy Now The Milky Way battles the clouds on Whistler Mountain
The Other Day

For a while now I have wanted to shoot the Milky Way Whistler style.  I would love a shot of the Milky Way arching over Garibaldi Provincial Park with the silhouette of Black Tusk in the background.  I had an opportunity to be on top of Whistler the other night and was hoping that the stars would align. Unfortunately, the Milky Way and the clouds were locked into a battle for the night sky.  The peak was shrouded in clouds, obscuring the view of the Milky Way altogether.  Further down the path, the clouds were rolling in and out offering the occasional view of the Milky Way.

I watched, waited and hoped the clouds would fade away.  For awhile, it appeared as though the Milky Way might shine through.  However, this photo is representative of the night up until that point.  Not long after snapping this image the clouds finally claimed the rest of the night sky.  My patience had run out.  It was close to freezing and it was time to head inside to warm up.

Though the temperatures were cold, the sky moody and the Milky Way lacking it usual vibrancy, the night was still beautiful.  It always is a beautiful night when high in the mountains.  The clouds on the horizon were constantly rising and receding in dramatic fashion.  A crescent moon occasionally poked through the mist.  Even the troublesome mist and clouds created an exciting and eerie atmosphere while I was up there.

It wasn’t the Milky Way Whistler style that I had hoped for, however, it turned out to be a beautiful evening all the same.  Hopefully, I’ll get another chance in the not too distant future.

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