The Milky Way dazzles over Lillooet Lake

No.9 Buy The Milky Way rises above Lillooet Lake The Other Day

No.9 Buy Now The Milky Way rises above Lillooet Lake

The Other Day

Lillooet Lake, just east of Pemberton, is a breathtaking spot.  Nestled amongst dramatic mountains Lillooet Lake offers an incredible opportunity for one to immerse themselves in nature.  There is easy access to some incredible campgrounds along the shoreline.  Each of these campgrounds offers beautiful views of Lillooet Lake and the peaks that rise above.

Consequently, these campgrounds are not a secret.  It seems like everyone in British Columbia knows about Lillooet Lake.  Earlier in the summer we decided to risk the crowds and head out to a local favourite, Strawberry Point.  We couldn’t believe our luck when we arrived and found no one else there.  As the afternoon wore on and we watched a gorgeous golden sunset behind the mountains we were pleasantly surprised to find that no one else showed up.  We had the place all to ourselves.  The weather forecast had been questionable.  Therefore, most people stayed at home, I suppose.

Yet, the night was clear, the stars came alive and they  twinkled across the sky.  For awhile the flames of our fire mesmerised each of us.  Fortunately, I snapped out of my trance and walked into the darkness to explore what the night sky had to offer me.  I wish I could do its magnificence justice.  Maybe one day.  Finally, after a long wait, the Milky Way rose and arched across the sky.  As it stretched out overhead I thought that I could certainly get used to getting outside and shooting the Milky Way.

What did I learn?

  • If you have an opportunity to go camping, go.
  • Don’t let the weather put you off, maybe the weather man was wrong.
  • When outside always keep an eye on the sky, it will probably impress you.

Until tomorrow,


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