Empty Spaces

No.2 Buy Now Selfie shot at Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, New Zealand

Take a walk, go for a ride, head out for a drive, find somewhere dark and look up.  You’ll see shimmering sparkling lights that are unimaginably far from us and our little planet.  In between those lights is…well…nothing.  Empty space.  It’s an incredible feeling, a sometimes overwhelming feeling to look up at the night sky and to try and comprehend the vastness of it all.

We are incredibly lucky to be where we are in the universe.  We are incredibly lucky to be on a planet that just happens to have an atmosphere to support life.  We are incredibly lucky to be on a planet that is just the right distance from just the right kind of star to support life.

That’s why, for me, life is not a journey to some distant point in my future.  Life shouldn’t be a train trip where the world passes by in a blurry fuzz of different shades of green.  Each day is the adventure, each day is to be embraced.

Get out side, embrace it.

Until tomorrow,


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