Duffey Lake Camping where the stars shine brightly

No.10 Buy Now Duffey Lake Camping. The stars shine above Steep Creek & Duffey Lake Yesterday

No.11 Buy Now The stars shine above Steep Creek & Duffey Lake
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Duffey Lake camping is, without a doubt, amongst the best camping in BC.  Driving the Duffey Lake Road, offers great opportunities to get into the mountains.  There are many hikes along the road between Pemberton and Lillooet.  Each one offering a unique mountain experience while all maintain a very “Canadian” vibe.

I could write pages and pages on Duffey Lake camping.  However, I’ll touch on a couple today. I am sure I’ll write more on others another day.

Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes is definitely the busiest hike in the area.  It is easy to see why!  There is a well-maintained trail from the parking lot to the upper lakes.  As a result people come in droves to visit this spot.  Don’t let this put you off though, my advice is to get up early, beat the crowds.  If you can handle it, get there for sunrise.  It’s breathtaking.  There are three gorgeous alpine lakes.  The first is a short walk from the parking lot and offers distant views of the majestic Matier Glacier.  The next two are a decent walk up the trail.  Allow three to three and a half hours for this one.  The third and final lake brings you to the base of the Matier Glacier.  It is an impressive sight, there is no doubt about that.

Steep Creek

On the other hand Steep Creek is a spot that is much lesser known.  It is does see few people, though mostly in the winter.  It’s an easy hike up a decommissioned logging road.  Steep Creek is situated in the midst of some epic mountains that rise dramatically from Darkside Lake.  As a result the camping here is amazing.  There is plenty of opportunity to scramble high up the hills for the views looking over the neighbouring valleys.  Finally, it is a fantastic spot to sit back, relax and watch the stars.  One of my favourite pastimes.

If you want more information and have any questions, click the links above or feel free to send me a message.

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