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Another Gorgeous Whistler Blackcomb Sunset

No. 29 Whistler Blackcomb Sunset

No.29 Buy Now A sunset from Whistler Blackcomb never fails to impress

Another day,  another dollar, another priceless Whistler Blackcomb sunset.

Without a cloud in the sky, the mountains on the horizon are engulfed by an indescribable sheet of pink and purple.    Like a stepping stone towards the crystal clear velvet sky of night, the transition is smooth and tranquil.  I could be gazing at a piece of art, a pastel coloured canvas.

It’s yet another unique and breathtaking finish to the day that was on Whistler Blackcomb.  It’s yet another pinch to ensure that this is, in fact, reality.

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(Jta85 Photography)

A Full Moon sets at Whistler Blackcomb

No.28 Whistler Blackcomb Full Moon

No.28 Buy Now A breathtaking full moon setting from Whistler Blackcomb
The Other Day

I truly thought this place could not surprise me anymore. And then, one morning I head up Solar Chair to work and setting across the valley is an incredible full moon.  The sky had the most amazing shades of blue, pink and purple.  As we, the patrollers, commenced our day with the sun, the moon and the groomers completed their night.  It was such a surreal experience, I couldn’t believe that what I was looking at was real.  I took my camera out of my bag and for several moments I forgot that the temperature was far below zero.   It’s moments like these that help me wake up at ridiculous o’clock and head to work every day.

Watching the sun rise and set each day on top of Whistler Blackcomb is always an unforgettable experience.  Add a setting full moon, a well-timed snow cat and breathtaking hues.  And what do you get?  One hell of a view.

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